• True SignatureIndian Hairtrue-signatureTrue SIGNATURE is our flagship collection. Sourced from the temples of India, this hair is available in straight, wavy, and curly textures. It can be heat styled or colored to create any look you desire. High in quality and soft to the touch, you can reuse your SIGNATURE tresses for a minimum of 12 months.SHOP
  • True IconMalaysian Hairtrue-iconMarvelous Malaysian opulence steeped in diversity and quality. This collection is thicker in texture than True SIGNATURE. Versatile textures such as: body curl, exotic curl, wavy, and straight are sure to satisfy the most intense hair cravings. SHOP
  • True SocialiteBrazilian Hairtrue luxeThis extravagant Brazilian collection of straight and wavy hair is one of our most popular virgin textures. Full bodied, thick and coarse, it’s Perfect for styles full of bounce, versatility, and dimension. The epitome of luxury. The epitome of True Socialite. SHOP
  • True TexturePeruvian HairThis collection of slightly steam processed Peruvian hair in relax straight, kinky straight and afro kinky is great for textured and transitional hair. It is versatile and economically friendly. These Peruvian delights brings out the natural babe in you..SHOP
  • True LaceLace Pieces & Clipstrue-laceWho doesn’t love an lace? The silk and lace top closures are the perfect addition to any style while the virgin lace frontal protects your natural hair. EZ-Clipz will build the structure of your natural hair while creating a magical lace of fullness and length...a True Lace. SHOP
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