Not Your Granny’s Wig Anymore: The Allure of Wigs

lace wigHair extensions, once regarded as deep dark beauty secret, is now widely embraced and proudly flaunted as a common hair regimen. In spite of the great strides made in the hair world with weaves, bondings, and clip-ins, people still get wigged out by the thought of wearing a wig. Those who shy away from the style usually fear that the hairpiece will make them look older or outdated. Other fears include the wig’s stability on the head.

Toss those wiggy worries out the window! Wigs have come a long way within the last ten years. Virgin hair lace wigs, frontals, and half-wigs have relaunched the wig into a must-have beauty accessory. Wigs today, THC’s wigs in particular, look natural and are secured by discreet and strategically placed combs and fasteners. These are definitely not your granny’s wig.

Further proof that the wig trend is nothing to fear? There are dozens of celebrity wiggys flaunting their full head of tresses. Take a look at some our favorite glam divas wearing their stunning wigs (and half-wigs) below.


Michelle Obama


Beyonce Knowles

beyonce wig

Solange Knowles


Kelly Rowland


Naomi Campbell


Mary J. Blige

mary j blige

Jennifer Hudson


Tyra Banks


Wendy Williams


Tamar Braxton


Ready to give the wig a try? True Hair Company caters to all your hair extension needs. All of our wigs are made from 100% human hair. We also offer custom-made wigs for the perfect style and fit for you! Check out our luxe selection of wig styles by clicking the links below:

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