Top 5 True Summer Hairstyles

Ladies, summer is just around the corner — what’s your new look gonna be? Not only is this the time to break out the short shorts and flip flops, this is also the season to rock your flirtiest and funkiest hairstyle. THC has got you covered with a Top 5 list of this year’s sizzling hot trends along with how to achieve them with our fabulous supply of virgin Indian, Brazilian, and Malaysian hair.


Keri Hilson

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Summer heat may not always be so sweet and too much tress can leave you feeling stressed! Free yourself from the burdensome humidity of long hairstyles and go with a chic short cut. The asymmetrical bob gives the original a sleeker and more defined edge. Summertime is funtime; keep your styling moments quick and easy with this low-maintenance ‘do.

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Whether you keep it long or short, you’ve got to try a two-toned hairdo! Nothing says summer like some sexy color. Brighten your look with sunny auburn tresses layered over dark or have your dark roots go into light ombre tips. You can be as tame or as wild as you want with this look — the more contrast the colorway, the bolder.

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kinky curly

Credit: True Indian Hair

What better time to rock some fun and flirty curls than during the summertime? Kinky curls are a bit tighter than your average curl, giving you the funkiness of an afro but still the manageability of wavy hair — the best of both worlds!

Go long for an exotic look or go shorter for a sassy vibe.

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The mohawk has definitely proved itself as a classic and timeless hairstyle — the trend hasn’t died yet! While you may not be as daring to do the original shaved mohawk you can still give this style a try with an “afrohawk” (better yet, an “afauxhawk”). This is a great look for the naturalistas out there who’ll be seeking relief from big hair humidity.

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Another great look for naturalistas is the popular everyday style — the twist-out. This is a surefire look for everyday glamour. This low-maintenance style only requires time and technique, getting each twist tight and smooth for a beautiful twisted finish.

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